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  • Youtube Update

      Hello Everyone,  Now that the weather has gotten better, Pretty Weird Art is spending the weekend exploring new hiking trails in the NC area. We'...
  • Pattern Monster and Divorced Penguin Process Videos on You tube

      Hello Everyone! I wanted to share the thumbnails for all of our Youtube vidoes from the last week.  I've been alternating between speed draw ...
  • Divorced Penguin: Let's Draw Video Series

    Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that Pretty Weird Art is posting a walk-through video series on our Youtube channel that shows how we're c...
  • Old College Artwork Video #3

    Ethan's posted the third video is his miniseries showing off his old college artwork that he found at his parent's house this last weekend.  Old C...
  • College Artwork Video #2

    Ethan continues to show off some of his undergraduate college artwork.... Old College Artwork: Part 2 - YouTube  
  • Old College Art Walkthrough #1

    Ethan walks you through looking at some of his undergraduate artwork that he found buried at his parent's house....
  • Inking Demo Video

    Today's Youtube video is Ethan demonstrating inking a comic book character design.  Monster Inking Demo - YouTube
  • Sea Horse Speed Draw

    Today's youtube video is a quick draw of a pretty weird sea horse! Sea Horse Speed Draw - YouTube  
  • Youtube Channel

    Hello Everyone!This is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art. I wanted everyone to know that starting in August of last year, Rachel and I are now posting ar...