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Pretty Weird State of the Union - April

Hey Everyone!
Pretty Weird Art has been slaving away at the artistic grindstone for the last two weeks. We've been so busy we haven't had time to post our weekly update for a little while. 

Here's a short rundown of what we've accomplished in our recent online "radio-silence"....
1. Rachel storyboarded 50 pages (the first chapter) of the 2nd Death Elf and Woose Graphic novel between teaching all her online art and ESL classes!
2. Ethan thumbnailed a 160 page graphic novel that will be the first in a series of three fantasy graphic novels modeled after the manga format. We're going to make it manga sized and black and white so our fans with smaller budgets can enjoy it!
3. Both Rachel and Ethan have been making character designs for our future graphic novel projects (Rachel's been drawing ugly mermen and Ethan's been drawing dragon turtles).
4. Ethan took his 2020 experimental Instagram web comic about a Divorced Penguin and formatted it into a 40 page one-shot comic...and just because he's an artistic masochist, he plotted out 2 more 40 page one-shots that follow the family as their kids react to the divorce in their teenage and college years. 
5. Rachel edited our first Youtube video!!!
So as you can see....we've been busy busy busy....
Here's the cover for the Divorced Penguin one-shot. 
And here's page one of the comic gridded out for print.