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Pretty Weird State of the Union #3

Hey Everyone, 
This is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art coming at you with this week's update on all things Pretty Weird.
Last week we had a death in the family which flat-tired all of our creative projects, but this week we've re-inflated all our tires and are ready to go. 
Rachel is planning her summer teaching schedule for the Outschool platform. She's got a bunch of really fun art summer camps all plotted out. She's schemed some water color and role playing projects, so stay tuned. She's also working on thumbnails for our 2nd Death Elf and Woose graphic novel. 
Today I finished the lettering for three of our backlogged Death Elf and Woose mini comics. I plan to make web banners for our new Deviant Art page and Youtube pages over the next couple of days. 

I plotted out another 6 page mini comic for this week featuring Death Elf and Woose that I can't wait to start drawing. I had some free time this afternoon to work on a cover concept for my Big D mini comic from last year.
It's shaping up to be busy week in the Pretty Weird studios. With any luck, this time next week you'll be seeing the fruit of all our artistic labors.