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Pretty Weird State of the Union #2

 Hi everyone, this is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art.
My weekly state of the artistic union post is obviously delayed this week....
We had an unexpected death in the family, so our artistic plans for the week all took a backseat to handling funeral arrangements and spending time with family members. 
Last weekend we setup our lights and camera and filmed the welcome video for our Youtube channel. Next week we hope to edit and post it. 
Rachel's comic book class students asked us to make a Deviant Art page, so I've made one for Pretty Weird Art. I've not posted anything to it yet, but we hope to start uploading artwork to it this next week. 
I found myself with some free time on Saturday so I added text to our 3-4 back logged Death Elf and Woose weekly comics. I hope to post several of them next week. 
I also had the opportunity to work on a small illustration project for a family friend. She requested a social media friendly comic to illustrate some topics she's discussing online about abusive relationships. In a week or so, that project should be completed. 
Here's the first draft of the comic that friend requested. 
She asked that is be made more it could show that even "nice-looking" people could demonstrate abusive I redrew the comic below. I based the abuser character after Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.