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March Pretty Weird State of the Union

Hi, everyone!
This is Ethan from Pretty Weird Art speaking.
 I’ve decided to flex my blog-muscles and commit to posting a Pretty Weird progress report at the beginning of each week. I’ll post a few work in progress shots of what we’re working on. If there’s any questions you have about what it’s like to be a comic artist, feel free to shoot us your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!
So…what’s cooking for Pretty Weird Art for the week of 3/15? Well, we’ve got a LOT on the burner this week.
 This weekend I just submitted the 200 page Skull Gun Bunnies graphic novel to our printer. I spent the weekend editing the final print files. I expect to have the first 25 copies of my graphic novel within the next three weeks. Words cannot express how excited I am to have this project nearly completed. I’ve worked on this comic for the last 5 years and cannot wait to have it in hand. It is seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’m really proud of my gun-fighting bunnies and all the monsters they blast into oblivion.
The other thing I’m working on this week is adding the text to the last two weeks’ worth of Death Elf and Woose mini comics. I have the comics completely inked and scanned into the computer. I just need to add some gnarly text balloons and indy pimp font and we’re good to go. Can’t wait to share them with ya’ll.
Another big thing that happened this weekend….we finally have a camera so we can record VIDEO! We’ve got all our equipment ready to start our Pretty Weird Youtube channel!!!!! This weekend we hope to break out all the equipment and film an intro video to our Youtube channel.
Bird is spending her art time this week roughing out thumbnails for the follow up to last year’s Death Elf and Woose graphic novel. She’s been hard at work on it for the last month. Can’t wait to see what weirdness she has in store for us!
As you can tell, we’ve got our hands full this week. With any luck, this time next week we’ll have our first video recorded and posted to our Youtube channel