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Divorced Penguin: Let's Draw Video Series

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that Pretty Weird Art is posting a walk-through video series on our Youtube channel that shows how we're converting a web comic into a print-ready manga!
We're taking a 22-part web comic that Ethan posted to our Instagram page during the Covid lock downs and reduxing the artwork into a 155-page manga format comic. 
Ethan's currently making a 4–5 minute video for each installment of the comic, walking you through the original creative process of making the initial web comic and through the edits he's made to prep the artwork for print. 
Our goal is to post a new installment each weekday for the next 22 days. 
Afterwards, Ethan will share the print proof of the comic and we'll eventually post the entire completed comic to our Tapas web page for easy reading.